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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nice weekend

I was on the way back from my friend who I bought Summer from. A friend of her's wanted to see the litter. As most went to their forever homes now I said that I would bring her. The last one to leave will there until sept 5th. Then she kept one to show. So her friend got to see 3 out of the 5. I decided to take Summer to the Community park. Part of the universary system. She was pretty tired, but I did get a few shots.

Right now at 7 pounds she is about as big as some of the rocks.  Next time I will take both dogs so that i can get pictures of them against the Bay.  

She was very interested in everything.

A bee on the artichoke flower. I never grew an artichoke before. I did it for the flower. There are two more to bloom yet. The bees and hummers really like them.

Close up! Doesn't it look like something from the bottom of the ocean?  It is so interesting. From the pictures I had seen of them I had thought htat they would be more like thistles. They open from the outside in to the center. So it takes a few days to open all the way.

Tanner and Summer having a game of Tug Of War. This was a video. But i don't know how to post a video on here.

 A resting hummingbird.  I have so many Hummer pictures. I was never able to get them with my old camera.

 We have loads of flowers that these guys love. I never know where I will see them next.

Our front planter. Dahlias, tall snapdrageons. escargo begonia, and King Tut ( tallest plant). I love this one as a focal point. I really stuffed this planter this year. I love it.
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  1. What a gorgeous post. Summer is furry enchantment and I love the artichoke flower - I have never grown them either. And King Tut really makes that planter. What a stunning display.

  2. Summer is just so cute, and lots of fun I bet. Love the artichoke flower, so pretty and your right it looks like an anemone, hugs to you Teresa,

  3. Look at that sweet baby! Not very big yet! I love the name Summer. That artichoke flower is amazing- I have never seen one before. Your planter on the front porch is beautiful- xo Diana

  4. She looked so big until the photo of her next to the other

    Gorgeous pup.



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