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Sunday, August 11, 2013

New member of the family!

Summer is a 8 week old English Cocker Spanial. Her coloring is really showing up now. I don't know how much her coat will change yet.
 Summer and big brother Tanner. He seems to like her. But does give her a growl if she gets too pushy. But has to check up on her if she whines.

Summer and her mom Kennedy.

Summer and Tanner find something of interest.

Look at that face!

She finds all kinds of things to play with. This is great for her sharp little teeth. She is learning "no" and "leave it" when it comes to something she isn't suppose to have.

Playing is very thirsty work.

When she gets tired she flops on my feet.
We picked her up yesterday. Housebreaking will take awhile! I will be so happy when she gets that down!  But she is so sweet. She woke me up at 3:30 am but slept the rest of the night. Getting up only once was nice. I hope she keeps it up. Tanner layed in front of her kennel until she stopped whining when we put her in her kennel. I would say that she is a keeper. Hugs, Teresa
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  1. She is beautiful. Love those melting eyes - and is there anything softer than a puppy's ears?

  2. What a sweety pie! And Tanner is a great big brother and a cutie himself. :-D

  3. Gorgeous! So glad you are all happy, new family members are always an exciting time xxx

  4. Oh Teresa, she is just gorgeous, I bet she smells all puppiesh and yummy.

  5. She is adorable..such beautiful coloring.

    What a treat to have a puppy around in summer.


  6. Hi Teresa! I followed you over from Meredith's comment section. We have a lot in common, our names and loving miniatures and dollhouses! I have one too. I will add your blog to my list so I won't miss a post. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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