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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August flowers

Astrantia Pink Pride

Turtle head Celone

Helen's Flower  helenium autumnale

This one has so many names. Naked Lady, Mystery Lily, Resurrection Plant, to name a few. The leaves come up earlier in the spring. Then die back around july. August brings the stalks of flowers. No leaves. 

Hummingbird mint. Ava

Rubeckia Henry Eilers

Black eyed Susan nestled in the False Indigo

Tie Dye Hybiscus Why do these always have to bloom when we get more rain. They are so delicate that the rain ruins the flowers. But they are so pretty on nice days when they first open and it is dry out.
 We are still getting some bloomers. Not as many as July when all the daylilies bloom. But it is still pretty out there.
The puppy (Summer) is growing and getting sassier. Poor Tanner sounds like a lion at times. But she has to learn to stay out of his face. Of course they are never alone in the same room. One of us is always watching. Just in case they get too rough. Of course this limits my time on the computer. So my posts may be sparse. Not that they were every day as it was. So if I don't put many comments on your posts forgive me. I do read them though. Hugs, Teresa
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  1. All so very pretty! It was so rainy my hibiscus never even flowered!

  2. I love all your pretty flowers. I don't think I have ever seen that mystery lily. It is quite pretty-xo Diana

  3. Simply gorgeous. We also know the Naked Ladies as Belladonna lilies. I have the pink ones, and have planted some white ones too. They didn't bloom last year, but I am still hoping...

  4. I love all your flowers, but the hibiscus is what caught my eye.. I want one of those! I don't see on your profile where you live.. but it must be tropical to have that in your yard!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. More beautiful flowers to go on my many pretties.



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