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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Murphy can drive us nuts at times

He is such a happy boy!
Peek a boo. His hair below his eyes grows so fast! I am always clipping it.
Loves his brother. But sometimes too much. Seems like every spring, at least the last few, he goes through a period of wanting to "hump" his brother every chance he gets. Then he is like a stag deer and his brain turns off. The worst part is that he goes off his food. Won't eat his dog food. For now he will eat the moist kibble that we use for treats. Pellet style. We do know that he isn't having problems with his teeth etc. as he will eat bits of other food we tempt him with through-out the day. He just get extremely picky. We never know what he will actually eat from one feeding to the next.  Last year when he went through this we had some extensive tests done for cancer, etc. No problems in that regard. There were some other problems at the time that scared us. I really think he needs a doggie psychiatrist!! Murphy has always had issues. He had some emotional baggage when we got him. He is very loving and cuddly. Such a sweatheart. Just drives us nuts when he goes through his periods of goofiness. He drives us nuts sometimes, but we can't imagine being without him!!


  1. Having a cat in the house I sometimes complain is psychotic I can relate to this a lot. I wouldn't be without Jazz, but I could certainly be without certain of his behavioural quirks. On balance he is a keeper. Despite him biting and clawing me this morning.

  2. Oh, my goodness, he is so adorable. So sorry he is having food issues. I am no help. Sorry. :(


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