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Monday, February 13, 2012

Why is it?

That when you buy oven mitts you get two right handed ones! lol.  Seems like every "pair" I buy are like this. Maybe the more expensive ones aren't like this...I don't know though. Do they think that people don't use their left hand when taking food out of the oven? Too much time on my hands today. I am not feeling well and am going to go lie down after I am done here. Nothing serious, just a stomach bug.
I was reading a blog post where she mentioned jewelry casket boxes. I can't remember whose it was though. (o.k. had to look it up...It was on Beautiful Mini Blessings post).  Interesting. I will have to look up information on those and the history of them. When they were used, etc. And no I don't mean when someone died. lol. I want to find out the years, etc. I find so many interesting things to look up from reading blogs. Inquisitive mind here. I love to learn about different subjects.
Sorry no pictures today. Wiped out for some reason. Hugs, Teresa

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  1. Get better soon. Those tummy bugs are sooooo debilitating.


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