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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Went for a drive :)

A small house that I just love. I have a dollhouse built that I would like to make into this, Not exacly the same shape, but close enough. I do have the rounded top window in the dollhouse. Not double arch though. I love the double arch!
Peaceful place that I found. Even though I did take a small fall going back to my car. Nothing injured but my pride. lol
Tiny waterfall under the bridge.
Sad but interesting. Can you just imagine the history? There are a lot of barns in this shape around here. Luckily there are beautiful barns also. Sometimes it makes me wonder...what is holding this up?
A lot of different colors coming through. Cute farm.
In person this barn looks like it was painted many colors and they are all showing up now.
Across the road from this barn is a subdivision with McMansions. Sad to see. History gone.
This barn is RIGHT off the highway. There really took a lot of the farm land when they widened the highway.
Looking from the other direction. Color really washed out on this picture.
I love going for drives. Clears my head. Tomorrow the weather may not be as nice. Wind, snow and maybe rain. But gorgeous today!!! :)  This is not tyoical for Feb, We usually have tons more snow! It looks more like early spring! But I will take it!
I hope everyone had a great day. Hope the rest of the weekend is great for everyone. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Thank you. That was a beautiful trip you shared. I love the saggy, baggy barn. Here chimneys last long after the rest of the house has gone. It is not uncommon to see a chimney and some wild roses in an otherwise empty paddock.
    And you are right, the double archway in the first photo makes the small house a gem.

  2. I think that small house would make a wonderful dollhouse. I notice that you like to landscape your houses. I think that the landscape makes a dollhouse a home! I landscape all my houses even if it's just a small area.

    I also like to garden, and when the weather gets nice, I have to divide my time.

    I enjoyed your photographs-- too bad about the McMansions. We have that problem here, too.

  3. Hi, I don't know how I missed these barns the day you posted them. I love any barn photo. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Nice photos..
    The tiny waterfall under the bridge,
    I really liked it..
    ITs pretty cool..!!!

    Regards from India,

  5. That leaning barn is amazing!


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