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Monday, February 20, 2012

Word verification free, dogs, antiques

I decided to make my blog word verification free. I didn't even think that I had that on my blog. Don't remember marking the box for it. WOW my face was red when I made a comment that I hated them and someone pointed it out to me that I was guilty of it also! Anyway hopefully if anyone wants to make comments on my log it will be easier for you.
Beautiful day here. I took the dogs outside to play ball. Mistake!!! I had to give Tanner a bath afterwards. Was he a mess! He did pretty good as he hates water. Didn't mind standing in the tub of water, but didn't like the sprayer. Didn't freak, but wasn't to happy. Somehow Murphy stayed clean. Then Tanner got his hair furminated ( man can corgi's shed!) and nails clipped. I also clipped the hair from between Murphy's foot pads. Murphy needs to go get his spa treatment (haircut) but I do his paws in between visits. He was sliding around on the floors and I don't want him to fall.
Yesterday I went antiquing. I went to two places. One more high scale and one, let's just say ...dusty, musty and very crowded. But I did really enjoy digging my way through the second one. I liked both, but the second one really had some odd items. Any fatter and I wouldn't have gotten through the aisles. lol. I am kind of surprised that he can operate like that. Fire hazard and no clear exit. But it was fun. I did see some things that I liked, but not in my budget right now. :(  There is so much history to look at in these places! I can't imagine using some of the items though. One thing I like about buying antiques to use in my house, I know that no one will have the same items. Home Interiors and other companies have very nice items, don't get me wrong. But just not my style. Well anyway, hopefully if anyone sees something interesting in my posts and they want to comment it will be easier now. Hugs, Teresa


  1. gracias por la campaña contra la verificación de la palabra, yo tambien la hago en mi blog...

  2. The word verification thingy, LOL, don't feel bad, I had at least 5 other bloggers tell me that they didn't have it on, and they did.

    Now that we have some more space, I need to find some antique stores in my area, but I have a feeling they will be expensive. Moving to a new area means discovering all of your favourite shops again.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. I'm glad you got rid of it - suddenly they are using those two word verifications and 9 times out of 10 you can't read the words! I love antiquing.


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