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Friday, February 3, 2012

I can not wait for......

My pretties to come back!
Just a collage of some of our pretties. Just fooling around with Piccassas
I know this as circle of friends.
Buttercup Randoculas (sp?) Very invasive as we found out. Don't know what we are going to do with this one. It is so pretty, but can't have it taking over.
One side of our backyard. Taken from the roof. So of course you can't see all of the upper bed.  I thought Jeff was going to have a heart attack seeing me up there. Just kidding. He is use to the things I do.
Right side of the backyard, Again taken from the roof. Maybe I can use the neighbors roof to get a shot of the whole thing this summer. Yeah right!
I love the dreamy look of this picture. Even if I did go overboard trimming the rose on the right side and gave her knobby knees. eing a Baffin though she will recover. Very vigorous, but so pretty. With over 300 different plants in our yard I have endless photo opts and albums (computor. FB ect.)  to prove it. lol.  Love my pretties!


  1. Beautiful picturesit gives us all a lot to look forward to.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Beautiful flowers! And your back yard?? Oh my goodness....I would love to spend a day there...or more! :)
    It's so pretty and peaceful looking, and big!

  3. Hi, I followed you home. Oh how beautiful your garden is. I do so understand the gardening obsession. Bulb companies are sending us their spring catalogues now. I refer to it as garden porn, as we drool over many of the pictures. We will succumb too.


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