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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy, Blessed Easter everyone

O.K. not Easter lillies. But just as pretty if not even prettier. All Lillies just say Happy Easter for me.
Of course the passion flower tells the whole story!
Awakening of life. What can more Easter like is that.
Hearts=love. Even though they aren't fully formed yet they symbolize the love we have for each other. The contrast between the leaves, stems and flowers symbolize the "differences" in each of us. No matter our color, nations, disabilities or what ever else is considered "different".
Happy Easter to everyone. I hope your holiday is full of happiness and love. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Glorious photos. The passionfruit flower is an underappreciated joy. And I refuse to admit (because it would incriminate me) how many different types of lilies I have planted.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Happy Easter Teresa, your flowers are so vibrant!

  3. Those are beautiful. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers. (cause they're easy).


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