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Friday, April 20, 2012

More blooming every day. Love this time of year!

Pretty creeping Jacobs Ladder. Very early this year. Really full of flowers.
Our flowering quince only seems to bloom in patches. I wish it would bloom all over the plant. I don't know why ours does that. The flowers are so pretty.

Merry bells. I was surprised when I went outside yesterday and it was in bloom.  Better seen in person. The flowers are very pretty.
Pussy toes. I love these odd named plants.
Tomorrow we are going to a BIG plant nursery. About 18 greenhouses. Plus in front of the greenhouses, behind and on the sides of the greenhouses. We always find some odd plants that we can't find around here. They have 325 new plants this year. 3500 different varieties of perrenials!! We try to get there every year. We found it aout 4-5 years ago. It is about 2 1/2 hours away from here. The last part in the country, so it is a nice drive. I looked through the catalog. No pictures, but good discriptions. After I pick out what I think I want I look them up on the computer. I picked out another tree peoney and about 7 more plants. Of course I am sure that we will find more! I also made a list of the more aggressive plants so that we can avoid bringing those home. It is suppose to be nice tomorrow. We will keep the new plants in the sunroom until it is safe to plant them. ( 3 season room). I hope everyone has a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa


  1. I'm am so jealous about that nursery. We don't have anything like it here. I succumb (always) to the garden porn (catalogues) sent to me by various companies. Consequently I now have just under 800 spring flowering bulbs to plant. Too many, but I couldn't say no.

  2. Great photos and I would LOVE to go to that nursery. I think MyHero would make me leave my credit cards home though. I could buy everything I see! Have fun! xo Diana

  3. Oh that nursery sounds so amazing, I bet you will have a fantastic time. Enjoy your special day,

  4. I still look for Spring in my world. Yesterday temps were 4C!! I have pansies and tulips coming up but overall not too much color out and about. A bit of a shock to my senses having just returned from the Arizona desert where it's alive with so much color! Enjoy your time at the greenhouses..I think I will visit a plant store..surely I'll see Spring there!


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