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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our The Flower Factory trip saturday.

Some of the plants in front of greenhouses. There are about 12 greenhouses to go into. Plants inside, in front, between, and behind! All perennials.
Looking down one row of greenhouses.
Old farm equipment in one of the display beds.
The first train layout there. No trains running yesterday though.
Some of the greenhouses looking from the other side of  the biggest display garden.
Small waterfall. There are 2 big ponds above this and a stream below.
2nd train display. I love how they landscaped them.
living roof on old shed. Succulents
We should have waited a couple more weeks as everything wasn't out to buy. There were 3 more plants that we wanted. But we should be able to get them at one of the greenhouses near us. We did get a few plants that we don't see around here. Red Yucca, purple trillium, a Kakaku tree epony and a Jeffersoia diphylla. We also bought 2 ligularias, Acastrache "Ava", Foxtail lily, Masterwort, 3 primulas, mini holleyhock, and a Hellaborus to go with our other one. Now they will have to sit in the sunroom ( go out on nice days) until all threat of frost is gone. It was so nice to get out around so many plants. Makes the mood happy! It was a beautiful day, nice and sunny. Rained the whole day before. But it sure made the grass green up and the plants pop up more. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Ooooh. The green of my jealousy matchs the greenery you have showed us. That looks like a wonderful day. Thank you.

  2. What a wonderful place to visit. You'll have to go back when they have everything out and take some more pictures. Don't you just LOVE places like that? xo Diana


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