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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Unsilenced Violence supporter.

I am a supporter of this cause! Having known 3 women who died by the hand of someone who was suppose to love them I can't keep silent on this cause. This is such a hushed up subject. A women feels so helpless in this situation. Women can hide this so well. You never know who may be in danger. I wish I would have known. I hadn't seen these women much as all of our lives get busy. But I wish that they could have talked to me. It is surprising what you learn after someone is gone. Please support women so that they feel comfortable and feel like they will be supported and believed if they find themselves in this situation. The web site is   The stories are heartbreaking. But I think that we need to be informed. I haven't looked at the whole site yet but wanted to get it out there for people to see. I want to learn more about signs to look for, etc. Hugs, Teresa


  1. It is truly heartbreaking. When the call I am answering at Lifeline relates to domestic violence my heart hurts. Each and every time. Sadly many of the women go to immense lengths to conceal it because they feel (so so wrongly) that it is their fault. This blog has some ways to help, but be warned she has been hurt badly and I often cry when I visit.

  2. Well done Teresa, domestic violence is so horrific. Thanks for posting this and I am sorry for your loss.


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