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Friday, October 26, 2012


I was listening to a song on the radio today, not that I can remember the name right now. It had me thinking about grandparents. My grandpa on my dad's side has been gone since I was 2 years old. My grandmas have both been gone since I was in junior and senior high school. So many years ago. I remember my dad's mom as she stayed with us each time mom had a new baby. So that was A LOT. ( I have 7 siblings). Even though we saw my mom's mom a lot I don't have quite as many memories. I can see her in my mind but no real special moments. But I do remember that she had to give us a big kiss each time we saw her. Being a shy kid I didn't feel comfortable with that. She also was a little more strict then my other grandma. Not bad. But not as fun as my other grandma. But we always knew that they loved us so much.
Then there was my mom's dad! He was fun. Always telling stories and jokes. He could run foot races with us into his 80's. ( and even win some of them!). He could add his and our Kismet scores up faster then we could add up just our own scores.  All with a 3rd grade education. He was well known in his village of Greenleaf, Wi for his chicken booyah. Anyone who would visit for supper was served either chicken booyah or wieners. (or both). He always had chocolate with cream centered candy. I hated that candy. But we always HAD to have a piece or two. Grandpa had alapecia and I don't remember him with hair. So it was always funny to see pictures of him in his younger years when he had hair. We asked him why he never remarried. But he said he could never have found someone special like my grandma. Could you imagine loving someone like that! She had died so many years ago at that time.  When he turned 90 my parents , aunts and uncle had a party at the firehouse (small town, remember), for him and 200 people showed up! He starting slowing down after that. First his legs and then cancer. He lived to be 92. He has been gone for 22 years now and his memory is still strong.
Funny how a song on the radio can trigger memories!
What is your memories of one (or more) of your grandparents?
Hugs, Teresa


  1. I never knew any of my grand parents. No other relatives either. However, from a small start the family has expanded. I am a great-aunt now - or to be more accurate a half great-aunt and a half step great-aunt. Great-aunt is more than sufficient. I wasn't a good aunt and now I am a great-aunt.

  2. This is such a beautiful post, he must have been a very special man. I only knew two of my grandparents,and they died when I was young.

  3. My father's mother passed when I was 14. I barely knew her but what I did understand (or know today) is that her life was hard and almost tragic. I've blogged about her twice and both times I sobbed through the writing.

    My maternal grandmother was and is my hero. I sew because of her. I love cooking for my family because of her. I am because of her. She saved my life on more than one occasion.

    Sorry...can't help with the French. My hubster was once fluent but that was a long time ago. Lack of use killed what he did know.

    Love to you~



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