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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dollshouse World Magazine.

Does anyone get this magazine. I would like a copy of an article from issue number 213. On the cover is a picture of a barn made into a house. I would like to see how they did this. Can anyone help me with this? I have never done e-bay, but may have to try there.
Beautiful day today. The fall colors are about at their peak. Hopefully they will hold on for the weekend. I would like to drive around looking at them. But they are really changing fast. Once they start changing they aren't around long.
Lots of craft fairs this weekend. I see that there is an Amish one about an hours drive from here on saturday. Then 2 of my sisters and mom are in one on sunday. This one is HUGE! I don't know how far I will get this weekend as there is so much to do with the gardens. I started to cut back some of the perennials today before work. Always sad to see all the green go away. :( But even with the lack of rain the flowers and tomatoes did great this year. Hopefully we will get rain soon. Last rain was over a month ago. I hate for everything to go into winter dry. Not good for them.
The feeders are full of birds. Nuthatches, chickodees, blue jays, sparrows, cardinals and mourning doves. We have the heated bird bath up, so they are enjoying that also.Seeing as it is now 3:30 am I guess I should get some sleep. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Three-thirty? I would be brain dead for days. Your bird feeders sound amazing. I love, love, love the idea of a heated bird bath. It isn't necessary here, but still...

  2. What are you doing up at 3:30 am? I hope everything is okay. I am not a great sleeper myself that is for sure. Here where I live in Florida it is hot and humid, Autumn is not a season we experience, and I really miss it. Have a fun weekend,


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