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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thank you and some thoughts at this time of year. :)


I am already missing my pretties! Everything, except some coneflowers, asters and blanket flowers have been cut down for the winter. :(.  Funny how you don't realize JUST HOW MANY plants you have until you do the fall clean up. I am not complaining though when I think back to blooms like these or other pictures that I took of them in my gardens. :)
I can't wait for spring to see my backyard to come alive again. When I think of taking this picture (and others) from the house roof and the look on my husbands face...priceless!
Soon it will be this time of year. Can you believe that Christmas is only about 2 months away!
Maybe I will even get this house done this winter. Bellingham Farmhouse. Right now it is filled to brim with stuff from working on the contest I just did. Actually the whole table is buried! Now to put everything back in it's place. Seperate everything back into the proper containers. I have everything organized when I am not working on something. But then when I start on something I can get disorganized very fast.

I have a baby shower to go to in November. Does anyone hae an idea for something different. Infant to toddler. I did pick up some items at craft fairs. Bibs, burp towels, large reciving blanket, Very nice size, bigger then usual. But would like to make or buy something else. Not too expensive. I can sew. I know that I will add a couple of books as I think books are very important for kids (and adults).

I also want to thank everyone who commented on my contest dollhouse pictures. I have gotten so many words of praise on how it turned out. I loved doing it.Though stressful at times.  Now to fix the "grass". I had it is the sunroom and a chipmunk or mouse ate it. I wonder if he/she got a stomach ache? Ate it or used it for a nest? Must have tasted real good! :~  We leave the door open in good weather for the dogs, when we are home of course. We had a bird sitting on a false birdhouse one day. lol.  Thank you again. Hugs, Teresa


  1. I love your garden pictures. And you have reminded me - I mean to send the smaller portion onto the roof in the next day or so to take photographs of the banksia rose cascading over the pergola.
    The words of phrase? Heartfelt. You do beautiful work.

  2. Your house is a winner in all of our eyes, the award is the feeling of knowing that you did a great job.

    Love the idea of something munching on it, it must have looked and tasted real.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. I'm going to have to go take a look at your contest entry! Even though I subscribe to your blog (via RSS) I have somehow missed it...The picture in the sidebar looks lovely! Sad to hear about the grass though.. Although it does seem a little funny, maybe the little creature was trying to make itself a new home in your temple!? :D

    As far as gift ideas (I have 2 children under 3 -- boy and girl!!), it sounds like you already have plenty! What is your relation to the person who is having the shower? If you head over to Pinterest or the like, I'm sure you could find some simple DIY sewing projects that wouldn't take long! Maybe a stylish diaper bag for Mom if you have some stashed fabric? I have seen something like that around the web, seemed like a simple project. I personally enjoy handmade gifts for my babies :) I also think it's nice when someone gifts something for the baby AND Mommy (like some bath salts or pretty small things like that), it will make her feel special and important -- which a lot of Mommies forget about when they have their babies to take care of!


  4. your yard is beautiful...I've never had a doll house?
    Never too old though so there's still time, and my goodness, it sounds like there's lots ahead in the coming month to fill the calendar - enjoy your week!!!


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