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Sunday, March 3, 2013

I needed color...and I found it.

The Paine Mansion in Oshkosh Wi.  I love the style of building.
Center display in the conservatory.
Side shot.  C I can't imagine how many plants it took to creat this display!
Peacock in a real tree. Dead trees do come in handy sometimes!

Here is a way to display your air plants.
The peacocks are roosting.
Tail feathers and flowers. Great combination!
Tablescape. so simple, but elegant!
Close-up of one of the centerpieces. Each one was slightly different. I love the idea.
This one really looks like it is growing out of the tree.

This young lady was adding beautiful music to the event.  
Flowerbed in front of the wall of windows.
I really needed some color. This really fit the bill! We still have at least a foot of snow in our yard. We are expecting a little more on tuesday. But being March it shouldn't last much longer. But of course we have been known to have a blizzard or two in March! Never know around here. But the sun is hotter now and it was melting somewhat even with the temps in the 20's today. But I digest. It was so nice to see these flowers. We couldn't take pictures in the actual mansion....I guess that they are going to re-address that issue. I do understand their reasons, but the mansion is so gorgeous that it is hard not to snap a couple. I did resist though. :(  Then we hit the conservatory and I went wild!
The event we went to is called Rooms Of Blooms In The Mansion. Each room had floral displays by different floral artists. So, So Pretty. Then one room had 8 tables set up and you got to vote on which one you liked the most. You can also win prizes. This year seemed to be more formal. Last year was more natural. so each year is different. It is held on the first two weekends in March. I know I probably went wild posting pictures. But it was too hard to pick just a few. Anyway that is my colorful post from snowy Wisconsin. Have a great week, Teresa


  1. Lots of most beautiful colour. Thank you. I think it was the peacocks which won my heart - but it was all wonderful.

  2. Hmm...I'll have to take a trip up there...once we dig out of the snow, of course. :D

  3. I love the Paine Museum....just love it! We have a lot of snow here yet, too. I am so tired of it and there is more coming tonight. I think you will get hit harder than you will- xo Diana

  4. Thank you for sharing these beautiful scenes Teresa xxx

  5. the pictures are gorgeous, of course you had to post them. Spring is on it's way, hang in there.

  6. I am so glad that you snuck in some photos...lovely to see all that color.

    And being a former garden center worker...I was adding up costs for all of the flowers in my



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