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Thursday, March 28, 2013

WOW! Such a surprise to see this!

I found this picture on a gardening FB page. This was my girl! Tiffy (Tiffany). My picture of her was in a gardening magazine. I guess it is still being used in different places. (they always tell you that it might be used in other publications when they use your pictures in their least in these magazines). But I never thought I would see it after all this time! WOW! Tiffy has gone for at least 14-15 years now and this is the second time I have seen this picture in the past year. She was such a great dog! Made me tear up a little. But also smile and remember the good times with her! It was so weird to come across this again! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! I really do miss this girl!
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  1. What a lovely picture and a nice surprise tinged with sadness, x

  2. She does look gorgeous. And I love that your sadness is mixed with smiles (and who could not smile at that wonderful happy face).

  3. I think she just send you a little massage that she is here for you, even after all this time. She is gorgeous and has a beautiful smile. My Max smiles all the time. Hugs to you Teresa,

  4. Oh- Teresa- I would have broke right down and bawled like a baby I think. She is just a gorgeous girl...and I think that is the way God smiles down on us sometimes-by giving us a sweet reminder of the best parts of our life- xo Diana

  5. You were blessed to have such a girl. She obviously had a great personality!
    I have a baby who lived only a year who I miss. I still have his mom. We buried him in the backyard so I feel he is still near me.

  6. I totally get your feeling of intense emotion. What a great shot.

    Happy Easter.



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