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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snow is melting.

Not quite like this anymore. Lots of drizzle today. Temps the last couple of days have melted a lot of it. Still ehough out there though. The backyard is becoming a lake! Front yard always stays around longer as no one steps on it. Too crappy and gloomy to get any good pictures. Maybe tomorrow.
So I spent the evening playing with Tanner and his new friend.
I did take a ride by the bay today. I wanted to see if the ice was moving yet. It wasn't. But looks thinner. I had to turn around on one road by Red Banks as it was flooded. Gloomy kind of day. But at least we know that spring will be here soon. What a change from last year. This time last year we had little to no snow and plants were starting to come up. West of us is suppose to get snow. Not that far away. I did a lot of cooking over the weekend. I try to get meals in the freezer. Jeff has to eat gluten free. So I try to make things he can eat and freeze them. This way he can have a nice meal when I eat something he can't have. I also made cheesecake. I think he was hungry for that as he ate 1/2 of the 9x13 inch pan already.
The wind is really blowing. I can hear it lowing through the trees and past the house. Also a lot of sleet hitting the windows. It seems like we have had a lot of wind this winter. I have a 3 day weekend next weekend! WhooHoo!!!
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Tanner's new friend looks to be having a hard time. Gorgeous image - thank you.

  2. Tanner looks like he is very happy with his new little buddy. Hope your weather starts behaving soon. Hugs to you Teresa,

  3. I am still laughing at myself. When I first looked at Tanner I thought there was something physically wrong with him. The colors of his buddy is so close to his coloring that I didn't realize he was holding something in his mouth for a minute and I thought--poor pup!;>) He is so much fun! I am sick of all this snow, too, Teresa. Hope you have a great day- xo Diana

  4. It's so good when the snow starts to seems like it is never going to start, and then suddenly...boom.



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