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Monday, March 25, 2013

Need a laugh? And I see GREEN!

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I think this video is so FUNNY!

Maltese Cross
7 Sisters Rose Bush
Naked Ladies, Ressurection Plant, Mystery Lily. Take your pick. I have heard it by all 3 names. The naked Lady name came about because the leaves come up first. then they die back. Then about a month later the flower stems appear. Then the flowers bloom. No leaves, thus the name.
The snow in the backyard is thawing. Where there are bare spots plants are making an appearence. Isn't nature amazing! Ground is still frozen. Getting softer with the melt though. The front yard is deep yet as it is on the north side of the house. No one walks on that lawn in the winter. It will take awhile to leave. But then again we are suppose to have temps in the 40's by next weekend. It has been in the 20's and 30's. With windchills in the teens and single digits during the day. Below zero some nights. Winter just doesn't want to leave. :(  But then again when it is hot this summer you can kick me when I complain.
I spent today making meals to put in the freezer. Hamburger/potato dish, and turkey breast. We had one meal of turkey and mashed potatoes for supper. This comes in handy for Jeff as he can't eat gluten. When I eat pizza or something he can't have he can always go to the freezer. I also made garlic/cheese bread. With gluten free flour for him and a pudding poke cake. He has to eat the bread with-in a few days as gluten free flour makes bread, etc get hard fast. But he was so glad to see bread again. We don't make bread often for that reason. He usually eats "sandwiches" on rice cakes. We still have some lasangnea and a mexican dish in the freezer. All in single serve containers. So he is set for a little while. He works every other weekend so that is when I make things to stock up.
Going to lunch with a friend tomorrow. I haven't seen her in years so that should be nice. I have to work after that. Darn!
Well that is about it. Have a great week everyone.  Hugs, Teresa


  1. Teresa, you are so smart to get that all done ahead of time. So sorry winter is still sticking around. IT has been a chilly month here, I know it is all relative but chilly for Florida shall I say. Today is gray and high 66 and I have the day off so I would like it to be a bit nicer out.

    Have a lovely lunch with your friend.

  2. You are ahead of the game there. Our winter is still here, too. We have a snow blanket of at least 2 feet (probably more) all over everything yet. We are supposed to get up to 40 the end of the week- yaaaah.. Have fun with your friend at lunch- xo Diana

  3. And I am yearning for winter - and about to weed my heart out before putting many, many spring bulbs in.
    You are very productive with your cooking - I like to have meals in the freezer as well - to cope with those 'lazy nights'.
    Have a great week.
    And yes, the video was funny - but it made me cringe too. Public embarrassment does that.


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