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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anyone else have this problem???

Every once in awhile I try to go onto blogger and get a page (where the posts usually are) that says Latest in Blogger or something like that. Says I am not following any blogs. Ususally I can get into it after one try after seeing that...not today. Just wondering if you all get that sometimes also. hugs, Teresa


  1. Funny! I just had to reload to read this. I got that message like I was not following any blogs. I reloaded and saw this one. LOL

  2. I do have that problem and it happened today, I just keep trying and eventually my blog list pops up, but often it takes several attempts.

  3. it happens a lot to me but figured it was because I read the blogs on my phone.

  4. same with happens from time to time, i just reload and reload the turns up eventually! But it is sort of a shock when first seeing that!!!! ;)

  5. I have had problems with blogger all day- especially with my sidebar working properly. I think they are working on it AGAIN!

  6. I get that problem...and now your's was the first blog this other problem showed up on, when I try to leave a comment it bounces around like crazy. I have to go back and click on your comment to get here again, and again. Now someone has mentioned that it's happening on my blog also.

    Last night was really bad, I couldn't leave comments or find blogs had to give up.



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