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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just a view on something that I am passionate about.

Warning!!! My thoughts can be heavy at times. But this is important to me.

Just thought I would get this one out! We are seeing more and more of the affects of people who are (were) bullied. Some do not come out stronger from dealing with their pain. What is the saying...What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Some people do use their experiences to build up their lives, but some people are defeated by them. Words and actions can hurt A LOT. I wasn't really bullied. Just had such low self esteem that I spiraled down into a deep depression. Every word could be a knife at that time. Especially the words that I would use on myself. Never thought I was good enough. I over compinsate for that now at times.
I am seeing so much of this in the "kids" now. Especially since the internet has come about. It use to be that kids would have to face you to hurt you. Now they can do it with-out saying who they are on-line. We are becoming a nation of I have the right to say whatever I feel like saying. Are we all hurting so bad ourselves that we have to hurt others? I am not saying that I have not done this myself. I would be lying if I did. Of course this has been happening since time started. But I am hoping that we wake up and realize that we all need each other. So watching this video really hit home today.
I usually don't bring up personal things on my blog. But I feel strongly that we need to get this in the open and work on it. Words can kill.
Anyway, if you are still here. Look at the people around you and SEE what they are feeling, going through.  Give a big hug to the people you love and a smile to all you meet. Hugs, Teresa
P.S. If anyone is wondering, I am a lot stronger now then I was back then. But it does hit me at time seeing how much we can hurt each other. Also how much we can hurt ourselves.


  1. Teresa, I am so sorry you had to go through such a tough time, I am glad that bullying is now in the forefoot of our thoughts so hopefully we can all do our part to be better. I try to teach my kids to always be kind, that was a beautiful video, I had not seen it before thank you for sharing it.

  2. A beautiful post, and a beautiful video. Tears here - and applause for you and for everyone who keeps going.

  3. The effects do stay with us for life, some get buried, others know how well they stick around.

    Good for our world for finally taking it's head out of the sand and dealing with it. There is so much of it going on.


  4. The effects last for a lifetime for most people that are bullied. They become tapes that play over and over and over in the head. Words CAN hurt and words CAN kill. God bless you for getting the message out-I hope it falls on ears that listen- xo Diana


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