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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jut playing with the camera

Baby chickadee looking for his meal! I don't know how many babies there are. But the parents sure are busy with meal delivery!

Open wide little one. They must be geting ready to fledge as the parents don't have to go into the house any more. They do at times though. If there is more then one chick they can't all fit in the doorway to be fed.

This bee was flying right at me ! I really didn't think I would be able to get this shot. I sat out there for an hour just trying to get one shot to be in focus (or near anyway). My husand probably thinks I'm nuts. Didn't ask. But you have to be patient (or stubborn to get these. :~  Managed to get a few. :)  These guys can really move!

Wasp in flight.

Young cardinal! He is gorgeous!
Now bring on the hummingbirds! Those will be a real challenge! But it is fun to push the limits, to see what you can do with a camera. Hugs, Teresa 
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  1. Your shots are great! I have lots of cardinals all around but never have my camera at the right time! LOL


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