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Thursday, July 11, 2013

One of these will be ours!

These are English Cocker Spanial puppies. Almost 3 weeks old when I took this picture on the 4th of July. A friend of mine raises them. We have had one of her dogs before. I adopted her when she was about 2 years old. I got her before we were married. Her name was Jenna. She was like the one in the back. An orange roan. We also had another one named Murphy. Not of my friends litters. But one she found for us. He was 18 months old when we got him. Jenna was an ex show dog. Many titles in her show days. But most importantly a great friend. Murphy was an ex show dog also. But after one show he proved to be to shy. Lucky for us. We loved them both so much.

5 puppies. 4 blue roans and one orange roan. The orange roan was been spoken for. We will be able to choose soon. Way to early yet. The man was able to decide on him because he waited forever to be able to get an orange roan from her.

Puppy cuteness! The ones with all the spots will be dark like Murphy. The other one will have lighter roaning. I am so use to seeing the darker ones that I just can't picture it yet.

Look at that sweet face!

I don't know why the orange roan looks so wrinkly. Maybe he just needs to grow into his skin? lol. Or the wrinkles show up more with his coloring? I saw some new pictures and he is changing and filling in the skin. I took these pictures on the 4th.

The orange one always seems to be the squashed one in the pile.

This is Murphy from last fall. We lost him January 9th.Anyway the puppies will end up looking like him. Their coloring may be different as each puppy has different amounts of black on them. ( more black spots makes them look darker). So in about a month we will be new parents again. (kind of scary as we haven't had a puppy since Tanner 7 years ago). Tanner (our corgi) will be a big brother.
Have a great day. Hugs, Teresa
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  1. OMG How sweet! I want the one with most spots! LOL

  2. Oh My they are so adorable, I can see why you are so excited. I can't wait to see your new little one as he grows up.

  3. I love the puppies, I have been debating about letting my Yorkie freebie have puppies, but I know I would want to keep them all,


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