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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Daylily trip

This is Solaris Farms. Daylilies, lilies, peoneys for sale here. You walk the fields, pick out what you want and they dig them for you. You bring them home bare rooted. The daylilies are anywhere from $6.50 to hundreds of dollars! These are huge plants. Many of our 66+ daylilies came from there.

Some of the fields we walked through to pick out a few more yesterday. Luckily we went on the computer first as this can be over-whelming.

This is a nice restful place to sit and look through the list of plants. Or just to take in all the color!

More beds to look through.

These girls were across the street at their farm. 3 cows and 3 calfs.

Just a nice planting by an old building.

Roses and old barns always look great together.

A couple of odd colored lilies. Very pretty.

Garden art in a display bed.

I don't know what this bird is...but he looks very tired.

Our artichoke plant. Pretty. We are growing a plant for the flowers. New to us.

Goofy little baby house finches in our flower bed.
Solaris Farms is about an half an hour from here. Most plants are hybridized by him. He only sells very large, healthy plants. It is so nice to walk amoungst all the colors. We bought one yesterday in a copper color! We are up to at least 66 different daylilies now. July and into Aug is always very colorful around here!  Between all the different plants we have and all the birds it looks very alive out there! My favorite time of year. With all the bees balm, catmint, coneflowers, roses, joe pye  weed, etc we are helping the bee population! Which is very important. Bees are having problems right now. Also monarchs. So please if you can even plant a small display in the ground or pots it would be a big help in bringing the bees and butterflies back. Hugs, Teresa
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  1. The flowers are so gorgeous, and those baby birds are adorable. I always try to plant butterfly friendly plants here, but I have to say I haven't seen many around.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  2. That sounds like day lily heaven...oh boy. There was a open house from the day lily farm here, but it was so hot, I didn't go. Maybe it's a good thing, I would have bought too many, and then had to plant them.


  3. What beautiful flowers! And I love those sweet house finches. I have a post ready for tomorrow with some of these birds! They sure are colorful!


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