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Monday, September 2, 2013

Botanical garden visit. Lots of pics

For some reason this is my favorite building at the Green Bay Botanical Garden. Just a whimsical little building.

I like the way you can look through the double arches.

Nothing like a little brightness. Not really a pink person, but these just glow.

Kids were having fun rolling/running down this hill. Can you imagine music being played in here?

So many different shades of green!

The pathways have such pretty borders.

Makes me want to grow morning glories. This is in the childrens area. See the giant crayon in the background?

Building built into the hill.

I LOVE this statue! This couples children bought this in memorie of their parents. Can you imagine the love this couple had for each other!

Another view. See the love they had for each other.

Part of the oval garden.

O.K. another view of the statue.

And another of my favorite building.

This building has arched doorways and round windows.

View out of one of the windows.

Better view of the arches.

And another one.

I wanted a shot of these black eyed susans with a building to tie it all together.

Other side of my favorite building. Getting tired of seeing it yet? I know what you are all thinking...what is your favorite building? Oh let me see...

Someone had a mirror tilted against a bench. I took the oppertunity to use it. I wonder what that building is? lol
I haven't been here in the late summer before. It is beautiful! Plus I got there and discovered that it was a free day. Hey beauty and free! What more can you ask for. It was even a cool day, 60 something degrees!
I hope everyone else had a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa
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  1. I love Botanical gardens and that is a stunner. Thank you so much.

  2. Beautiful day, gorgeous views and perfect temps, sounds like a great day to me.

  3. Aren't we lucky to have such beautiful gardens as part of Green Bay? I have always thought that I would volunteer there but have not eked out the time to do that yet. I am always so impressed how wonderful it all is. Hope you are enjoying the day-it is beautiful out here today- xo Diana

  4. Wow, what an amazing garden! Makes me wish I had the $$$ to hire a full-time gardener! We've got 5 acres, but no gardener! Thanks for sharing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. beautiful pics from there! what a wonderful place! Is it near to your home? (sorry...i don't really know anything about these places sofar away...but perhaps with Mini Jazzi's help soon..we will all learn more!! :) You took pics of the "morning glories"...i have them too, just a small plant on the balcony...but i love them, too! It is so nice to see a new flower nearly each morning! You can collect the seeds soon and just put them in a pot with earth..they will grow !! The seeds,black tiny pieces, will be in little "brown bells" hanging from the flower...there are always many !!These "bells" are green knots first and then turn dry and brown!! They open themselves, but you can also collect them! Well..enouigh for now, greetings Anne

  6. I love botanical gardens. The bronze couple are so sweet and that building is very cool. I have to admit that I LOVE that hot pink Celosia. The building with the rocks is also cool. Great post.


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