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Sunday, March 4, 2012

New fallen snow. Biggest snow fall this season!

AW WW! So refreshing! We dig pathways for them when the snow is deep Tanner loves to slide down the banks on his back also. Here he is just rolling in the newly fallen snow. Actually I think he spent more time on his back today then on his feet!
Playing fetch in the snow is so much fun!
MOM!! Tanner got the stick again. Sorry Murphy, Tanner is just faster. But Murphy is better at finding sticks and balls that get thrown off course.
Taken when I got home from work last night. Actually Friday night.
See the snow heart in the middle?
Even the cages got a rim of snow!

The lights got caps!

The trees were loaded with snow.

The Acrocona Norway Spruce really shows off its cones when covered with snow! In spring the new cones are bright pink. They glow!

Funny how the snow wrapped it's self around the swing legs.
It is strange to say that at 6 inches that this is the biggest snowfall of the season! Not normal for Wisconsin! We have had more snow then this in March, but usually it isn't anywhere near the biggest amount. This has been a strange winter. Please keep the people in your prayers that have gone through terrible weather this past week. Bad storms and tornado's! I can't imagine going through what some of these people have and are going through. Thanks. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Your snow is spectacular.
    As we battle floods in our Eastern States I think of the people affected by storms and tornados in your part of the world. My best wishes go out to all of them.

  2. Teresa, your babies look like they are having the time of their lives. Such beautiful photos. Stay dry,

  3. I LOVE the first picture of Tanner! Adorable! The snow is beautiful. We haven't had much of a winter here in Missouri, either. It's been very mild, which has been nice, although I LOVE snow. But, with the mild temps...the storms follow. I'm so grateful to say that no tornadoes were anywhere near me. I feel terrible, too, for all the people effected by the horrible storms.


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