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Saturday, April 6, 2013

This is what I felt like yesterday!

This is what I felt like yesterday when I saw the sun out! Bring it on! But then I had to leave for work. :( But wow was it great to see! Today is very gloomy. Drizzling off and on. We had about 1 1/2 inches of snow over night. It is gone already. YES!
I did take a drive today. Before the rain started up again. Went swan hunting (with my camera of course). But they were way back in the fields again. So no good shots. But it felt so good to go somewhere. You would think that I never do anything with that statement....but it has been a VERY long winter. Tomorrow is suppose to be so much nicer. Sunnier then today. At least that is what they are saying. :)  I was suppose to take a class on gardening for hummingbirds tomorrow but it got canceled. To few people signed up. But with how hard it was to even get a hold of anyone to register I think people gave up. Being the off season there were only so many people working there. I don't get to take classes often because of my work schedule so I was so excited to go. Oh well, something will come up some other time. I may sign up for a "free" container garden class. You bring your own pot and they help you design an arrangement. The information is free. Like how to pick out plants, etc. But you have to pay for the soil and any plants you pick out of course. But it is like getting professional advise free. I use to work in a nursery, but that was years and years ago. (like 20 years...WOW I am getting ancient!)  I need advise as mine always seem to be lacking something. I bought some canna bulbs today. The name is Pretoria. Orange flowers with striped leaves. Green, yellow and orage striped leaves. Narrow stripes. Even the stems look colorful! Now to pot those out to give them a good start. They are growing in the pkg. Every day when I go outside lately I find more and more plants coming up! Today I noticed the fern leaf peoney poking out of the ground. I just love it when plants start making an appearance! Spring is really showing up. Had my doubts for awhile that we would see it. lol.
They announced that Greenleaf dollhouses is going to show us the new contest house in April. I am not sure if I will do one this year or not. I always wait until I see the kit and see what my imagination tells me. Sometime the kits just don't ideas. so I never get excited until I see what the kit is. This is where my imagination took me last year. I didn't win...but I really learned a lot of new skills. I have to give hubby credit. He thought up the solar panel. They (the ones on the large roof) were suppose to be sky lights. That was just too many windows for me. Needed something different.
Well I guess I have rambled on enough. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Sorry about your class being canceled, but the container class sounds great. Hope the sun is out tomorrow warming you up.

  2. I was just about to ask if you got to see the swans, but you answered my questions. Well, maybe next time they will be closer.


  3. The container class sounds wonderful. And it is so exciting at the start of spring when every time you turn around something new is coming up.
    Have a magical weekend.
    And I do hope that the contest does inspire you - because your work is amazing.

  4. The balance of the solar panel and sky lights came along just find. You have just enough light to make the room look cozy. :-)


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