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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Too nice to stay home!! 4/7/13

So I took a little drive! This Wequiock Falls. It is about 45 miniutes or so from where I live. On the other side of the Bay Of Green Bay. This is about the most water that I have seen going over these falls in years! Depending on how much rain we get this summer it can become dry. 
Water in the middle and ice on the sides. Cool contrast! You can hike about 1/2 way to the falls. Or I should say that is as far as I could get. Not as young as I use to be. :( . Plus it is slippery.  There was a sign after this point to stay back. In the summer the water is a lot lower in the creek and you can walk behind the falls. Well, if there is any water falling.
Good amount of ice yet.
The water was really moving! Very rocky creek.
Have to keep us safe on the upper part of the falls. Don't tell Jeff but I climbed through to get some of the shots from the top of the falls. SHHH.
Then I stopped at the Bay Beach Sanctuary. I called this guy the sentry as he was watching over the parking lot. Their are many animals and birds here, but this was just a fast stop.

Still guarding. He honked and hissed when I went by.
I like this shot. You can see the ice that is still on the lagoon. The building is a replica of a duck hunters building and blind.

Luckily it isn't used anymore. Look at all the birds near it.

I finished up on the other side of the bay and about 45 miniutes from home.There were at least 200 swans in this field. Tundra swans. It was hard to see them clearly as they were way back in a farm field. I had to use my camera with the zoom all the way out. (15X). I really didn't know what I had until I got home and put them on the computer. It is hard to keep the camera steady when on the highest zoom and it was windy also. So I am so glad to get some pictures.

The swans are so pretty!

On the way home 4 sandhill cranes flew over my car. This is the only one I could find after turning around on the highway. Of course he had to be way back in the field. But it was such a cool experience when they flew over. They are huge!

It was so right out today. Not real sunny, but gorgeous anyway! Nothing like going in two different directions from my house. But it was worth it! Spur of the moment trips are sometimes the best. I went to see the swans yesterday, but didn't see quite as many and it was drizzling. They were pretty hunkered down. Glad I went back today! Wasn't going to...but.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Hugs, Teresa
Whew two posts in two days!


  1. Oh wow. What a spectacular post. I loved the falls and the ice (am a sucker for water in any form) and the goose and the tundra swans and the sandhill crane. Can you tell I loved it?

  2. The falls are gorgeous, the ice must be amazing to see. Love all of the beautiful big birds.
    Hugs to you,

  3. The pics of the birds are really nice, The Canada Goose is not new to me, I live in Canada and the Canada Goose is now to the point were they are a big crazy nuisance, and there is nothing we can do about them, Here if you get in their way they will chase you. Glad you had a wonderful time on your adventure.

  4. I love these wild life photos you capture. The frozen ice and the moving water, such contrast in color, movement & absolutism. So matter of fact isn't it? Love swans, tell me- are they mean like geese? Or calm and unassuming? I don't much about them truthfully. Lovely photo's as always. Hugs. Tammy

  5. More than beautiful pictures my friend. Makes me want to go and scour the land...

    Love to you~



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