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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Very funny Mother Nature!!!

We had sleet, rain, thunder, very bright lightning, high winds with a topping of snow over night. Still very cold and windy. Everything is covered in ice this morning. The yard was bare. Tanner loves it. First thing he did today was take 10 rolls in the snow one right after the other. Did I say he loves snow! The last couple of days we had small patches of snow here and there. He used them all. He thought he was in heaven this morning. Corgi's. at least this one, are like that. Anything is a game.  Not sure how the roads are going to be going to work. Jeff had to snowblow this morning. The plow came through and as heavy as that was on the end of the driveway there was no way we were going to drive through it. I heard that we could get more in the next couple of days. Spring here is always a guessing game! But it looks like the whole country is haveing weird weather again. Funny thing is that we can go from this to 80 degrees. Never know. Guess it keeps life interesting. I went out and took pictures, of course. Here they are:
Our swing has a new fringe! The yard WAS bare!
Weeping Norway Spruce. I just noticed that she looks like she has tears!
Poor Harry (Lauder walking stick)
Tree in neighbors yard.
Even the knot holes are covered! Notice the moss that was growing on the trunk in the last few days? The trees would actually be beautiful if the sun was shining. All sparkly. But it looks like we could get another round as dark as it is out there. It is funny how changeable Mother Nature can be.
Have a great day everyone. Off to work soon. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Oh my goodness, all that snow and ice, I know you can't wait for Spring. It was cool here last week and now 90 degrees today, I'd like something in the middle please.

  2. That's real March weather isn't it? Sorry, and I am hoping for spring for you soon.


  3. Ooooh. Love it. And the fringe on your swing is spectacular. Drive safely...

  4. The knots are gorgeous!! I'd buy that blown up.. honestly. Your photo's are quite good. Here in Indiana we had some storms like crazy last night. Funny, day before 80, sunny welcome spring. Last night, ruckus of storms, limbs, tornado watches/warnings.. oy vey. It's all over the weather map. Hugs. Tammy


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