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Monday, September 9, 2013

Another day trip, etc

We went to Fonfereck's Glen Park today. I guess in the spring this waterfall really is pretty with lots of water. Dry at this time of the year though.

Look how the limestone looks like steps when there is no water.

In another part of the park there are cliffs with a hole in the "ceiling". This was the prettiest part of the park.

This is me standing under the cliff. Actually I am standing in the creek bed. I want to go back in the spring when there is snow melt off. It will be a whole different look from how it looks now.

Another picture of me. I cropped this from another picture that my husband took.

Looking straight up. It is fascinating how this this arch can stay up there.

My friend the frog. I love frogs. I love his coloring.

This cliff is next to the one with the hole in it.

This is the hole from the top. I walked on the arch. My husband was not too happy that I did that. But it was a cool feeling to be on there knowing that it was hollow underneath.

Look how these trees grow right on the edge of the hole! Rocky ground so there isn't much soil. Nature is fascinating.

Just another look at the arch from the top.

Now just some shots that I took at home.
Acrobatic bee.

Look this spider used a zig zig stich to fix his web!  I don't think that I have ever seen a spider like this one in my gardens. The coloring is kind of cool!

Just another HUGE spider in our gardens.

Summer and Tanner enjoying a mulch chewing moment.
This park we went to is beautiful But very dangerous. There was a fatal accident there about 2 weeks ago. One lady died trying to help a teenager who fell. He fell onto a cliff shelf and she fell to the ground trying to help him back up. As you can see from the pictures it is a long way to the bottom. I did take a chance by walking on the arch. But I also made sure that I didn't go anywhere near the edge. Also knew where I planted each step I took. I am not that much of a risk taker.  Jeff still wasn't happy with me. You do have to respect nature.
This place is known for teenage parties and there have been some bad injuries. But luckily only 1 death that I know of. There was an article in today's paper on this park. Because there is government funding there are restrictions on how they do guard rail, etc. The park must be accessible. So there are split rail fences and a lot of signage about the dangers.
It was such a beautiful day with cooler weather. I was so glad to get out hiking. Have a great day, Teresa
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  1. What a beautiful place. And yes, how right you are, nature is amazing (albeit sometimes dangerous). I would love to see another post from here when the snow melt is there (hint, hint).
    Thank you.

  2. That park is amazing but it is kind of scary. We never took the kids there because of the dangers. Glad you had fun- xo Diana

  3. Hi there!

    It seems to be funny with that seagull but the post with it comes not up.
    When I come into your blog it says that it not exist.


  4. Hi Teresa, I love the horizontal "stripes" of the limestone. What a beautiful place, but yes, we must respect nature, for sure. The spiders are creepy big this time of year, aren't they? I also love frogs. They're so fun to spot and then get photos of if they will let us.

  5. You are a lot braver than I. But, the pictures were really beautiful.


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