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Monday, September 23, 2013

Forgot to post these photos of MJ (traveling doll)

MJ is going to be comfortable on her trip to her next place to visit.

I made it and it is a little big. but she has plenty of room to snuggle in and dream of all the places that she has gone to already.

Look this hydrangea flower is as big as I am! 

Don't these look YUMMY!
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  1. Dream of the places she has been - and the places she is going to. Lucky MJ.

  2. She will be safe and snug on the way to her next destination. :-)

  3. Are those veggies from your garden, looks like you got quite the harvest there.


  4. Such a wonderful idea to make a sleeping bag for her! I love it! When she was with me here, i had made a bed for she was taller than my teddies! Now with her sleeping bag..she will be comfortable everywhere! :)
    What a pity she has to leave from your place! You made the visit very special and beautiful and i so much enjoying having a look at your homeland! I am sure you will miss MJ, but on the other hand, she is now full of beautiful images and memories! Wishing a safe journey and a wonderful next visit! THANK you Teresa for taking good care of Mj and for making her stay with you so very special and beautiful! :)

  5. She sure is traveling in style.


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