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Sunday, September 22, 2013

MJ's last trip with us (traveling doll)

We went to High Cliff State Park. An old quarry in the woods. This park has alot of walking trails.

It is on Lake Winnabago. About 45 minutes from here. I have never been here before and heard that it is beautiful when the leaves on the trees turn colors. We may have to make another trip. MJ is on the top of 40 ft tower. You can see for 30 miles. Very expensive homes are being built all around the park. Luckily one side has the lake. Farms near the park are being sold for developement.

There are many drop off around there. These are part of the niagra escarpment.This rock formation goes from here in Wisconsin all the way to Niagara NY. There are also effigy mounds in the park.

This Chief Red Bird. Now let's see where is MJ?

Just relaxing

One of very steep trails we walked on. Actually a service road. It is hard to show just how steep this one is!!

One of the limestone walls

MJ looking at everything around her.

The leaves are just starting to change.

There is also a marina there. Look at all the sailboats.

Here comes a motor boat now!

Very pretty place to be by the water.

MJ just doing some deep thinking about her time with us.
Our time with MJ has come to a close. She will be moving on to her next place to visit.
We enjoyed having MJ here. She got to see some of the beauty of Wisconsin, our gardens, and our dogs. Safe travels MJ. We will miss you. Hugs, Teresa
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  1. She was very lucky indeed with all that you were able to share with her. As were we. Thank you.

  2. I am sure MJ will have sweet memories of her trip to Wisconsin. Thanks for sharing such wonderful sites! :-)


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