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Saturday, September 14, 2013

MJ's trip today (traveling doll) Saturday.

We went to Cave Point County Park in Door County Wi. MJ and I had fun checking out the cliffs. Lake Michigan has really formed some pretty formations.

More cliffs.If you actually see this from the front you would see caves under all the rocks at water level.

MJ was very impressed with all the different things to see.

Look at that rugged trail!!! Lot's of toe catchers there! To think that all these trees are growing with very little soil.

Clouds moving in. Weird how they are all in a straight line. If I am not mistaken these are called shelf clouds.

Just taking a reak on all these moss covered roots.

Doesn't it look like this piece of tree trunk is showing MJ what to look at??

This small "Lake" is in between the rocks. This structure always has people on it.

 Hey where are all the people going? What is on that end of the beach?

Just kicking back and enjoying the view.

Nice place to walk and get close to the water.

MJ is just thinking about what is on the other side of the lake.

Here is a cave!!! Now I see why it is called Cave Point!

Look at all the people. The park was busy today. There was also a biking compition going on and the aid station was there. Parking was at a premium. One spot opened up just in time for me. All that way there and I thought I would have to turn around without seeing the cliffs.

These roots make a nice resting spot.

It is starting to look like fall.

Then we stopped at a cheese store. Factory is nearby. We bought some olive cheese, (I thought it sounded interesting). beef sticks and some creamy salsa. Cream chese and salsa mix. I had that one before. Very good!

We stopped Bayshore Park on the way home. Very steep driveway through the rocks. Bay of Green Bay is at the bottom.
It was a beautiful day to go for a ride and walk. Hopefully nice tomorrow as well. But it is suppose to start raining tonight. But we can hope it clears up and we can get outside again. Anyway we will think of some thing. Hugs, Teresa
P.. MJ had a couple of clothing malfuntions that I didn't notice right away. She was showing a little skin at times! Whoops!
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  1. Lucky, lucky MJ. That looks like a wonderful day.
    And wardrobe malfunctions are part of being a celebrity. I am sure she is fine with it.

  2. LOL- We probably crossed paths today. We were the Door, too, Sturgeon Bay and then came down County C into Brussels-along Red River park and then took the lower road from Bay Shore Park home. It was a glorious day and you got some fun pictures- xo Diana

  3. Beautiful pictures, I'm glad to see that you had lovely weather for your day of site seeing. Thank you for taking us along.
    A Big Mini Hug

  4. LOL.. I had to scroll back up to see the clothing malfunction.. and never saw anything.. what a neat place that is.. I wanted to jump in that water!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. What a wonderful place!Such a big lake! Mj seems to have enjoyed herself very much! Thank you so much for taking us to allthese places!

  6. You are making me smile with the adventures of MJ, I love Door DO and have visited several times. I'd love to see the lake and all those beautiful rock formations.

  7. What a beautiful place to be! Your shots are breathtaking. I know MJ was feeling peaceful there. Thanks for sharing! Olive cheese...Yummy!

  8. A lovely place. I envy MJ. Your photos are fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. That park does look crowded doesn't it...I guess everyone is trying to get in as many visits as possible before winter.

    I'm hoping that the redirection to my domain is finally working fine.. if not you can find me at


  10. How lovely, picturesque and well narrated! Thank you Teresa and Mj for being such lovely tour guides!


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