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Thursday, September 12, 2013

For The Grandmommy!!

You asked for Buffaloe pictures and here they are. These guys are so huge! They are at a buffoloe farm near here. I took these from the hiway. Hugs, Teresa
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  1. wow...huge animals! thanks for taking extra pictures, i also had never seen them!:)

  2. That baby is the cutest! I showed the photo to my hubby! How sweet!

  3. In Canada we call them Bison, and we have a farm just up the road from us. I love to see the calves in the spring and summer. Buffalo meat is very good to eat too.

  4. Thanks so much! We East coast people have no idea what these guys are like. There really is a place where the buffalo roam! LOL Now, I find that they are the same as Bison in Canada, as My Mini Life shared. are really educating the mini lovers of the world.
    Have fun everyone! (((Waving at Teresa!)))

    1. I shared this post on my blog,!

  5. They sure are beautiful.

  6. Wauw, they are such beautiful and amazing creatures. Over here (The Netherlands) you can only see Bisons in the Zoo. gr. AM


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