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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello again

The moon was so pretty the other night. So bright. I love the way it was framed ny the tree branches!
Decided to buy some flowers the other day. They are fully opened now and so cheery and pretty!
This is from a table-cloth that my mom gave me awhile back. Crocheted panels. I want to get better pictures as the cloth is actually off white. Hope to take it outside tomorrow. Hopefully the pictures will be better. There are about 14 -15 different animals. I will put a post up for you to see when I get better pictures. I really like it, but don't know how I will use it. I don't want it stained. Plus it doesn't fit on my table. Have to think about this.


  1. I love these shots. I always have trouble with my moon photos and am envious of this one.
    Could you use the tablecloth as a wall-hanging?

  2. Oh my gosh! I've see a lot of crochet over the years Miss T... but NEVER EVER anything like this! LOVE IT! WOW!

    Thank you for visiting me yesterday and your sweet comment about bullying. It is sooo scary out there and it's confusing which way to turn. Praying always for direction, wisdom, strength, grace and peace. Your comment blessed me!



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