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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring? Colder today. But still gorgeous!

I love Daffodils! I want to put more variety and colors in this fall. Also need to think about some for the front yard. I don't have any in there yet. They are going strong yet. But I know they won't last too much longer. :(  I still have a few smaller ones that will be blooming in the next couple of days.
I couldn't resist the cones of the Acracona Norway Spruce. would you believe that they are fluorescent pink when they first form!
The bleeding heart plants are now starting to form hearts. Plant is still small and they will continue to form as the plant grows.
The creeping jacobs ladder is also forming flower buds. Should be in bloom any day now.
Rain drops on the lupine. I like how they look like diamonds.
Tiny diamonds in the sedum.
The hairs on the ladies mantle plant  leaves catch the rain drops also.
More daffs...Have I said how much I love them!
It was colder today. But still nothing like a typical March. Cloudy and drizzly yesterday. Today full sun. We did a lot of work outside. Tidied things up. Every day brings new surprises. New plants popping up, different birds and different sounds. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Great shots! I love the water drops.

  2. Just wanted to welcome you to Rock Candy's world of craziness. I have been planning a wedding for my son and putting together another kitchen band show at my mother-in-laws retirement home. Not much time for blogging but after May bells ring I hope to return to catch up with everyone.
    Hope you foot is better.
    Blessings ;-)

  3. you foot? your foot...whatever. Hate when that happens


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