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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I can't believe the weather....March 75 degrees

This is more normal for this time of the year! Catkins from last year...BUT it also has a lot of new buds.
The tree peoneys are sending out new growth. Pretty color on new leaves.
Rose bush (7 sisters) has really taken off in the last couple of days.
Gold leaf bleedingheart. I wouldn't be surprised if we see new flower bids coming on. They usually do before the plant gets full growth. Huge plant. All the bleedinghearts are coming up nicely.
Prairie Smoke has flower bud. This one is usually earlier then a lot of plants...but not this early!
Lupine really surprises me that it is up and so big already!
Newport ornamental plum.
Our yard in March! WHAT!! No snow!
Lots of growth already.
Daffs really bloomed today! This end of the bed is in full bloom. The other end is in bud.
Red wing black bird has made his apperance. Lots of new birds coming back everyday.
Jeff and I were talking aout how early this is all showing up. I don't want to think about how died back the plants will be in mid-summer this year. Maybe they will surprise me and keep going. I may have to do more with annuals to keep color out there. Not complaining though.Hugs, Teresa

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  1. I hope your plants last longer than ours, in Florida ours are overgrown and brown when I see everyone else's in blog land in full beautiful bloom.
    Have a wonderful day,


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