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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not quite as sunny today...but still nice

Pretty cloudy most of the day, but the clouds were pretty!
Look dark but no rain.
Pictures taken from the yard swing. This one over the sunroom.
If he was a turtle instead of a tortoise he would be telling us to take the plywood off the pond and fill it with water. It has been so nice that Jeff has put all the statuary out for the season.
Can't see the sunsets to well from our house. But this is still kind of pretty!
I took the brace off my ankle tonight. So far so good. But going to wear it overnight to protect it. See how I do tomorrow. Maybe back to work on Tuesday. Have to see. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Lovely, lovely photos. We have had a grey day here too with a little incontinent pigeon rain (splat, splat and its over).
    Hope your ankle continues to do well.

  2. Teresa yes the cloudy photos are pretty in their own way. Here there are such big fluffs over the mountains I could stare at them all day!The skies are so blue here even with clouds!Thanks for the well wishes as I'm turning the corner, meds have kicked in. Rained for 2 days also first in over 90 days so the dust and pollen in the air should have cleared.Sending you healing energy..brace on ankle? I missed something. Feel better. hugs Annna

  3. Beautiful pictures of the clouds. Hoping your ankle is getting stronger and healing. We had x-rays on my son's today, waiting for the results now.
    Have a great day,

  4. Nice pictures! Glad you have nice weather too.


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