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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beautiful day again today

My little buddy (Tanner) stuck by me all day.  Murphy likes the comfort of the house more.
There are things really popping up already...IN MARCH! Usually about 35 degrees about this time of year. We reach 78 today! Not complaining at all! :)
Meet our male Downy woodpecker. We also do see a female on the suet at times. But not today. First time I was able to capture his picture without glass between us! :)
This robin spent a lot of time in our yard today She hears something...
And there it is..a worm in the lower right corner. picked it up, but must not have been to her liking as she dropped it right away.
You would never know with her black and grey back that she would have color on her front.
Hydrangea is budding out.
7 sisters rose canes are really getting green now!
Very blue skies today!
I might have to stay on my ankle for a few days, but the photo opts came to me!! Sat on the swing outside for hours today. All I could think of was how nice that it isn't a typical March! Otherwise I would be sitting inside looking out at snow on the ground or a blizzard! I don't know yet if I will be going back to work on Monday. Depends on how my ankle feels. Getting better but don't want to rush it. Cramping a lot tonight.  But at least it feels somewhat better then the last couple of days. Of course the prendisone doesn't hurt! lol Hugs, Teresa


  1. I love your downy woodpecker and your robin. Birds (in case you hadn't guessed) are an obsession of mine.
    Gardens (another obsession) are weird the world over it seems. Some of last years daffodils are already through the soil - three months early. And before I have finished weeding. And before I have put the many, many more bulbs I have ordered in the ground.

  2. My son twisted his ankle last night at a swim meet, and he twisted the other one 8 weeks ago. Believe I feel your pain. Best of luck with the healing, enjoy your beautiful birds.


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