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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I have never seen this before!

I Have never seen a joey before! These little guys really get a ride when their moms hop around. Funny the poor little ones don't get whip-lash. There were 4 kangaroos and 3 of them had joeys in their pouches. The other pictures are some of the other animals I was facinated by. They all have outside enclosures, but for some reason wanted to be inside yesterday. So taking pictures was hard as they were behind glass.
Isn't he just gorgeous! He was so relaxed. Just posing and watching everyone.
Did you know that flamingos get their color from the foods they eat?
This is a red Panda. How can anyone resist that face!
He was really striking a pose! Gordeous!
This is Joey. She was very active until she decided that she wanted to snuggle with her blaney and trash can. She hates to go outside and would rather watch people. You can't even imagaine how strong these guys are! Her palyground equipment was humongous!
This guy was playing with the ball just like any domesticated cat. He was having a good old time!
Kind of like beauty and the beast. He may not be pretty, But he is interesting! This room was large and all the birds got to fly where ever they wanted to. Birds perched all over the rocks.
More flamingos.
We were at the Milwaukee Zoo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Very large zoo. We really got a work out walking around. It was so nice to get outside! Weather was perfect. Just so nice to get away. Isn't it great to see all the color God puts into our lives! I LOVE animals and am saddened that so many are so near extintion.

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