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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


What a difference! Really feels cool out there right now. My aphrodite Hosta has big buds on it right now. It is a double blooming one. So I hope it blooms before we get a frost. We have had blooms before, but they have been down in the plant and I would see them after they were past their prime. :(  The ones this year are standing well above the plant and the buds are huge. I have been waiting with bated breath for a couple of weeks now. They stay in bud for a long time.
Small interruption. Downey woodpecker was out there. I could hear him chirping. He was on the suet. But of course didn't stick around long enough to get a good picture. We get a downey and a red headed woodpeckers here. Quite shy though. Guess I wouldn't like them if they beat up the house would I?
Vacation the end of the month. No plans. Jeff is working. But sure he will get one day off. I will play it by ear on what I want to do. It will just be nice to have off from work.
Nasty cold. But not as bad as the one Jeff had. He had to go on an inhaler and anti-b's. Very filled lungs, wheezing etc. Mine is of the head variety. It's that time of year around here. But working in a hospital it seems that it has started earlier this year. Every year is so different.
Got my partial trimmed down yesterday. Much better. It had rubbed some nasty sores on my gums. Of course this was over the long weekend and nothing could be done about the problem. :( back in my mouth were they belong again. Not saying that I am use to them yet. But getting better.
Well off to work soon. Hugs, Teresa

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