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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Playing around with background, etc...

Playing around with my blog. Changed background etc. Not sure that I like it though. What do you think?
Today was a nice day. My sisters were at a craft fair held at a campground. All the cabins were remodeled in the last few years so they are nice now. Not a lot of cabins, but nice. They did pretty good with crafts items that they sell. They do quite a few shows a year and have gotten to know a lot of the people who also show. One of my sisters makes snowmen, pumpkin people, and other items of that nature. One makes Barbie doll clothes ( I don't know how she sews such tiny sleeves etc). She sells ALOT of Barbie clothes.  Hanging pouches to use on recliners, beds, sewing tables, and also sews hot pads.  Mom makes baby blankets, cat blankets with pocket for catnip, cat toys and a few other items. They have quite a following now that they have been doing this fore awhile. Especially with Holiday things. So they are kept busy getting things ready for all the shows. They really lucked out today as it has been cold the last couple of days. But the sun came out today and the temps actually went up to comfortable.
We can really tell that fall is almost here though. The leaves are really stating to change colors and the gardens are looking kind of tired. I am going to have to start cutting things back. I am on vacation the last week of sept, but I think I will be starting to clean up some things before that.
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and week. Hugs, Teresa


  1. I like it! I try to change mine up with the season, or with what ever I feel

  2. Thanks Audra. I think I like it. The pictures seem to show up more.


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