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Monday, September 5, 2011

Wallpapered today...

 Not the greatest picture. The wall are more brown with dots on walls and chickens above.
O.K. I know it was just a room in a dollhouse! But it does look good. I like it a lot better then the paper that I first had in there. Poor Auntie Gertie has been waiting for me to get her home done for so long. Sorry A.G. it will be awhile yet. Still have to paper one more room and put flooring in 2 rooms. Doesn't seem like much, but I haven't decided on what paper I want to go with. I DO NOT want to tear more paper out. Most rooms need base boards yet. Have to order more. This is a picture of her on the top of the post. Either she looks mad that I am taking so long or constipated. Of course she hasn't had a bathroom for awhile... o.k. that was really lame! It is coming a long though. Gertie is a widow and I don't know yet if she is renting out rooms for extra money. I have to get her story straight. Then it will be easier to finish her home. For some reason this house isn't talking to me. (miniaturist talk...ask any miniaturist about their houses talking to them... some houses are very vocal on what they want!) I also finished painting and staining the wall that I made to enclose the staircase. Just have to wallpaper the back of it (staircase side) yet. But at least it is getting there.
A little more sunny today. It has been a very wet labor day weekend. At least friday, saturday and sunny. Today, monday, finally cleared up. Just in time for the people traveling to come home. But better then driving rain for traveling. I think fall is not too far off. We are getting a few colored leaves. Some of the ash tree leaves have fallen. Not ready for winter! Temps sure have dropped already. BRR.
Well guess that is about it for here. Hugs, Teresa

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