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Thursday, September 8, 2011

She is so Beautiful! Pictures

This is aphrodite Hosta. Funny how I just posted yeasterday that I was still waiting for her to bloom! Like I said yesterday, she bloomed once before but always down in the plant and I would see it after it was to late and the bloom was spent. But this year she is standing tall and proud. I should really look aphrodite up and see if this "god" was male or female. But I am so happy to see this plant blooming! She is also scented. What a beautiful day to open. The skies are bright blue.
This is a big day for Green Bay. Packers play their first regular game of the season. Plus their is going to be a big concert before. Kid Rock, Lady Antibellium, and Maroon 5. Free concert. That part of the city is going to be rocking! I just have to figure out what way I want to take to work. I live south of the arena and work north of the arena. So i had better give myself plenty of time to travel through the mess of traffic. Hope everyone going has a great time! Funny how as I have lived here my whole life I have never been to a Packers game. But then again I am not really all that interested in going. I know Bah Humbug. I watch the game if I am home, but I am not a die hard fan that is glued to the t.v. on game days.
Well I had better start thinking about getting ready for work. Have a great day everyone, Teresa

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